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THz-Raman® Low-Frequency Raman Spectroscopy Systems
Volume Holographic Gratings
Wavelength Stabilized Lasers

Ondax, Inc. is the market leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance holographic optical filters, wavelength-stabilized laser sources, and high-performance, THz-Raman® Low-frequency (Low-wavenumber) Raman Spectroscopy Systems for a wide range of industrial, scientific, defense and consumer applications.  Our core technology is state-of-the-art Volume Holographic Gratings (or VHGs, also known as Volume Bragg Gratings or VBGs) – which are specialized optical filters  fabricated from proprietary photosensitive glass.  VHGs are exceptionally versatile optical components that provide wavelength stabilization, spectral and temporal control for lasers/laser-based systems, and dramatically enhance the optical performance and resolution of spectroscopy systems.  Our products enable our customers to make their lasers and optical systems, smaller, more portable, more efficient, less expensive and more environmentally stable and robust.




VHG Volume Holographic Gratings

Ondax VHGs are bulk “solid-state” diffractive holographic filters, which unlike thin films or gels, can deliver ultra-stable, degradation-free performance for the lifetime of the filter. Capable of very tight wavelength, efficiency, bandwidth, and diffraction angle control, Ondax VHGs can be precisely and reproducibly engineered to demanding spectral and temporal specifications.  These filters enable a broad range of high-performance products and applications across industrial, defense, life science and research market segments.

PowerLocker® Wavelength Stabilization Gratings

Volume Holographic Gratings
PowerLocker® wavelength stabilization gratings are designed to reflect a specified wavelength at a given reflectivity, locking the emission wavelength, increasing spectral brightness, and improving environmental performance of laser diodes. The short external cavity enabled by the PowerLocker® provides better mode selection than systems based on Littrow or Littman cavities at a much lower cost. Available in wavelengths from 375nm to 2.7µm, efficiencies from 5% to >99%, and bandwidths from 0.03nm to 1nm to match any application requirement.
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THz-Raman® Low-Frequency Spectroscopy Systems

Low Frequency THz-Raman Spectroscopy SystemsOndax’s patented THz-Raman® Systems enable fast, clear capture of Raman spectra in the Ultra-Low-Frequency/THz regime (10 cm-1 to 200 cm-1, or 300 GHz to 6 THz), using only a standard single-stage spectrometer. THz-Raman is powerful new technique for molecular structure analysis that is both simple and compact when compared to multi-stage or THzspectrometers, and represents a dramatic shift in the economics, efficiency, and ease of use of Raman spectroscopy.  The unique ultra-narrow band design of our patented SureBlock™ Notch Filters also delivers exceptionally high throughput of both Stokes and anti-Stokes shifts up to >5000cm-1 (>150 THz). This allows observation of low-frequency vibrational/phonon modes, differentiation of polymorphs and other structural characteristics of pharmaceuticals, nano- and bio-materials, trace detection of explosives, and characterization of petroleum products, heavy metals, and geological samples.
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SureLock™ Wavelength Stabilized Lasers

SureLock Wavelength Stabilized Lasers 3

All SureLock™ Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes and Laser Modules incorporate the Ondax PowerLocker® VHG filter to provide single-frequency or narrowed linewidth spectral performance, stabilized temperature operating characteristics, and low power consumption – delivering affordable, portable, instrument quality performance for a diversity of applications. Available in a wide range of wavelengths, power levels, and form factors, Ondax can also custom-configure a wavelength-stabilized solution to meet your exact application requirements.

SureBlock™ XLF Ultra Narrow-band Notch Filter Systems

Ondax’s SureBlock™ XLF Notch Filter System boosts the performance of single-stage Raman spectrometers to triple-stage levels, providing outstanding eXtreme Low-Frequency resolution while maintaining exceptional throughput. Incorporating two SureBlock™ ultra narrow-band notch filters in a pre-aligned, light-tight enclosure, the SureBlock™ XLF delivers >OD 8 Rayleigh suppression capability, enabling the simultaneous capture of both Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman signals down to ~5cm-1
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CleanLine™ Lasers and ASE Filter Systems

Ondax CleanLine™ Series ASE Filter Systems are a family of tightly integrated, pre-aligned, multi-element ASE Filter Modules designed to provide the enhanced narrow band, low noise, ASE-free laser performance required for ultra-low-frequency Raman spectroscopy, and other demanding spectroscopy or metrology applications. Configured for fast, easy alignment and use with our SureBlock™ XLF Series Raman Filter Systems, the CleanLine™ family is based on our proprietary NoiseBlock™ solid-state, ultra-narrow band Volume Holographic Filter technology, delivering unlimited lifetime, exceptional throughput, and ultra-stable environmental performance. Read more…

SureBlock™ Ultra Narrow-Band Notch Filters

Ultra-narrowband notch filterOndax SureBlock™ ultra narrow-band notch filters are the ideal solution for highly selective wavelength applications like low frequency Raman spectroscopy. With laser line attenuation of up to 99.9999% (optical density: OD4) and transition width of <10 cm-1, SureBlock™ filters can dramatically improve the ability of any Raman system to resolve low frequency Raman scattering. High transmittance on both sides of the notch enables both Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman spectra to be observed simultaneously. Designed to fit into standard 1” optical mounts.
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NoiseBlock™ Beamsplitters and ASE Filters

Ultra-narrowband ASE Filters and BeamsplittersOndax NoiseBlock™ ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) Filters suppress the broad spectrum of spontaneous emission from laser diodes to provide a pure, ASE-free, single frequency laser output. The ASE Filter is a reflective VHG with bandwidth of less than 150 pm and throughput greater than 90%. The VHG is manufactured with a slant that provides an angular separation between the specular reflections from the surface of the VHG and the filtered laser beam. Available in both free-space and fiber-coupled configurations.Read more…

Ondax NoiseBlock™ 90/10 Beamsplitter Filters are designed to diffract 90% of the incoming light that matches the  designed Bragg wavelength and incident angle.  All other wavelengths will be transmitted through the filter, making them excellent for boosting the effective signal of a Raman spectrometer.  Read more…

PicoPulse™ Pulse Stretcher/Compressor Filters

Pulse Compression Filter Ondax PicoPulse™ pulse stretcher/compressor filters enable high peak power in femtosecond pulsed laser systems, with a distortion free round output beam. PicoPulse™ filters allow larger input beams to be used with many orders of magnitude higher power than chirped Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). Ondax’s proprietary packaging is designed to minimize the spatial chirp commonly found in chirped volume holographic gratings (CVHGs). This robust, compact format is less complex than equivalent dispersive diffraction grating pairs, which require multiple components with precise alignment adjustment. The output is stable over a wide range of temperatures, with nearly diffraction limited beam quality.
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Volume Holographic Gratings (VHGs) are  specialized optical filters that are fabricated from proprietary photosensitive glass, and are used in a variety of photonics applications.  Whether it be for stabilizing the wavelength of diode lasers, providing spectral or temporal control for lasers and laser-based systems, or enhancing optical performance and resolution of spectroscopy systems, Ondax VHGs and VHG-based products enable our customers to make their lasers and optical systems smaller, more portable, more efficient, more affordable, and more environmentally stable and robust.

Low Frequency Raman Spectrum of Carbamazepine

Low Frequency Raman Spectrum of Carbamazepine

Materials Analysis and Chemical Detection with THz-Raman®
Low-Frequency Raman Spectroscopy

Ondax’s patented SureBlock™ XLF Series THz-Raman® Systems enable fast, clear capture of Raman spectra in the Low-Frequency (Low Wavenumber)/THz regime (~5 cm-1 to 200 cm-1, or 150 GHz to 6 THz), including complete anti-Stokes spectra. Read more....

PowerLocker Laser Stabilization
Laser Wavelength Stabilization with PowerLocker®

PowerLocker® wavelength stabilization gratings are designed to reflect a specified wavelength at a given reflectivity, locking the emission wavelength, increasing spectral brightness, and improving environmental performance of laser diodes.. Read more....

Chirped Pulse Compression
Ultrafast Laser Pulse Stretching and Compression with PicoPulse™

PicoPulse™ pulse stretcher/compressor filters enable high peak power in femtosecond pulsed laser systems, with a distortion free round output beam. Read more....


About Ondax

Ondax Inc. Monrovia, CA

Founded in 2000 by Caltech Doctorates with vast experience in holography, Ondax became the first commercial company to manufacture VHGs for use in industrial and commercial product lines. Our extensive technology portfolio extends across a broad range of patents, licenses, and proprietary manufacturing and test methods – along with a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment in a high-volume manufacturing infrastructure – providing the foundation for delivering the highest volume, performance, quality, consistency, and traceability in the industry. With over five hundred thousand units operating in the field, Ondax has established a benchmark of both performance and reliability with customers across the world.

For over 15 years, Ondax has consistently provided the highest quality, most reliable and repeatable volume holographic elements for a diverse array of high performance photonic applications. Our proprietary materials and manufacturing methods are scalable to enable both high volumes and individual units with the same exceptional quality. Our exclusive, patented high-volume manufacturing processes and fully automated, wafer-level testing ensure 100% specification conformance across the full aperture of the grating, delivering 100% product traceability and consistent performance every time. And our reputation for friendly and knowledgeable customer service, innovative design, collaborative development, rapid prototyping, component quality and reproducibility, and rapidly scalable, affordable high-volume supply has earned us the position of supplier of choice for the world’s largest industrial and defense laser companies worldwide.

Ondax’s product portfolio has grown to include wavelength-stabilized lasers for analytical instrumentation and patented, high-performance, THz-Raman® Spectroscopy Systems for advanced material characterization and analysis.

Ondax’s principal fabrication and integration facility is located in Monrovia, CA within convenient reach of downtown Los Angeles and all Southern California airports.