The Ondax technology portfolio includes exclusive patents licensed from the California Institute of Technology, acquired and licensed patents, and patents generated at Ondax. It also extends to proprietary manufacturing and testing equipment and processes resulting from a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment in a high-volume manufacturing infrastructure that enables us to deliver the highest volume, performance, quality, consistency, and traceability.

Multiple proprietary processes are used in the fabrication and testing of Ondax Volume Holographic Gratings (VHGs), in order to ensure superior quality, reproducible performance, and competitive pricing.

Many of these are covered by US Patents, including but not limited to:

US 7,031,573 US 7,817,888US 7,792,003
US 7,125, 632 US 7,986,407 US 7.949.216
US 7,273,683 US 8,049,885 US 7,528,385
US 7,359,046 US 8,139,212
US 7,391,703 US 8,184,285
US 7,483,190 US 8,369,017

Ondax either exclusively owns or maintains active licenses for all the above manufacturing- and test- related patents, a key benefit that only Ondax can offer.

Furthermore, the Use of Volume Holographic Gratings (or Volume Bragg Gratings) in various applications is also subject to US Patents, including but not limited to:

  1. Conditioning the Emission or Spectral Characteristics of Laser Beams;
  2. Using Volume Holographic Wavelength Blockers in Raman Spectroscopy systems; and
  3. Optical Pulse Shaping and Correcting Spatial Beam Deformation in Chirped Volume Holographic Gratings

Users of VHG’s are responsible for ensuring they are in compliance with all applicable licenses and patents.

With each purchase of Ondax gratings, Ondax grants the purchaser a non-transferrable, non-exclusive license to use products purchased from Ondax in the manner covered by any of the claims of one or more of all the above U.S. Patents. This combination of extensive “manufacturing and use” intellectual property is exclusive to Ondax, and assures our customers full compliance.

Applicable US Patents include, but are not limited to:

US 5,691,989 US 7,633,985
US 7,248, 617 US 7,697,589
US 7,248, 618 US 7,796,673
US 7,298,771 US 7,986,407
US 7,397,837 US 8,184,285
US 7,477,818 US 8,369,017
US 7,545,844 US 8,384,992
US 7,590,162 US 7,483,190

Ondax Patent Portfolio: