THz-Raman® Spectroscopy Microscope Module

Ondax’s patented THz-Raman® Spectroscopy Systems extend the range of traditional Raman spectroscopy into the terahertz/low-frequency regime, exploring the same range of energy transitions as terahertz spectroscopy – without limiting the ability to measure the fingerprint region. This region reveals a new “Structural Fingerprint” to complement the traditional “Chemical Fingerprint” of Raman, enabling simultaneous analysis of both molecular structure and chemical composition in one instrument for advanced materials characterization.

The TR-MICRO mounts directly to a broad range of popular microscope platforms and micro-Raman systems, and can be easily switched in and out of the optical path. Linear polarization is standard, circular polarization is optional.

THz-Raman Microscope

TR-MICRO (shown with Leica DM2700 M)

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See What You’ve Been Missing – More Data, Better Sensitivity & Reliability

Clear real-time differentiation of structural attributes of the material enables clear identification and analysis of polymorphs, raw material sources, defects & contamination, crystal formation, phase monitoring and synthesis methods.

One Sample, One System, One Answer

Real-time, simultaneous measurement of both composition and structural analysis eliminates the need for multiple samples and instruments, lowering capital, training and maintenance costs.


  • Fast collection of THz-Raman® spectra from 5cm-1 to >3000cm-1 (150GHz to 90THz)
  • Simultaneous Stokes and anti-Stokes signals improve SNR while providing inherent calibration reference
  • Available as add-on to an existing microscope or Raman system, or as a complete custom configured system
  • Simple optical in/out switch removes system from optical path when not in use
  • Fiber coupling enables easy interface to a wide range of spectrometers
  • Available at 532nm, 785nm, 850nm, 976nm and 1064nm excitation wavelengths Compatible with Leica, Zeiss, Nikon and Olympus microscopes


  • Polymorph identification and analysis
  • Structural studies of 2D/nano- and bio- materials, photovoltaics, and semiconductors
  • Crystallization and reaction monitoring
  • Trace detection and source attribution of explosives/hazmat/drugs
  • Forensics, archeology, mineralogy

THz-Raman® - TR-Micro Carbamazepine

Full Raman spectrum of the pharmaceutical Carbamazepine showing both the THz-Raman “Structural Fingerprint” and traditional “Chemical Fingerprint” regions. Note higher intensity and symmetry of THz-Raman signals.


  • Both chemical composition + molecular structure from one Raman measurement
  • Real-time structural monitoring + chemical analysis
  • Higher SNR with inherent calibration reference
  • Faster, more comprehensive and reliable measurements
  • Compact, easy to use, and adaptable to existing Raman systems