Wavelength Stabilized Benchtop Laser for Raman

Ondax’s new Mini-Benchtop Lasers are a low-cost, high performance design alternative to existing benchtop lasers for Raman spectroscopy. Ultra-compact and easy to use, the Mini-Benchtop incorporates an Ondax SureLockTM VHG-stabilized laser diode to deliver steady, high-power, spectrum-narrowed performance.  Offering plug-and-play operation with fiber-optic probes via a front-panel FC/PC fiber connector, the Mini includes manual power controls, a touchscreen display and emergency stop, delivering better than 1% power stability and less than 1-minute warm-up.

All SureLock™ Series lasers are stabilized using the Ondax PowerLocker Volume Holographic Grating (VHG), ensuring precise, ultra-stable center wavelengths, low temperature dependence, and consistent optical performance over the locked region. The narrowed linewidth, low power consumption, and broad stabilized temperature operating characteristics deliver affordable, portable instrument-quality performance.

Comes with an FC/PC front panel connector and optional 105 mm 3-meter fiber cable with FC/PC or SMA end connector. Available in powers up to 500mW at 785nm, 830nm, 976nm and 1064nm.


  • Narrow spectral linewidth – 0.07nm FWHM
  • Manually adjustable power control with Touchscreen LCD display
  • High power – 350mW or 500mW
  • SMSR >40dB
  • Integrated drive electronics and temperature control
  • Plug-and-play with safety switch and key
  • Connectorized fiber coupled output – 105 mm MM fiber, 0.22 NA, FC/PC
  • CE certified and RoHS Compliant


  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Metrology
  • Bio-instrumentation
  • Sensing
  • Analytical Instrumentation
SureLock™ Specifications
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Output Power Po 350, 500 mW
Center Wavelength(vacuum) LP 784.5, 829.5, 975.5, 1063.5 785, 830, 976, 1064 785.5, 830.5, 976.5, 1064.5 nm
Linewidth Δλ 0.07 0.15 nm
Fiber Type 105µm core/ 900µm tubing
Connector FC/PC or FC/APC
Numerical Aperture NA 0.22
Operating Temperature2 Top 10 25 35 °C
Storage Temperature2 Ts 0 50 °C