SureLock™ 785nm/830nm/1064nm Butterfly Raman Laser

Ondax’s 785nm and 830nm Raman Butterfly Lasers are wavelength-stabilized, high-power, and fiber-coupled – designed specifically for Raman applications. The narrowed linewidth, low power consumption, and broad stabilized temperature operating characteristics deliver affordable, portable instrument-quality performance.

All SureLock™ Series lasers are stabilized using the Ondax PowerLocker® Volume Holographic Grating, ensuring precise, ultra-stable center wavelengths, low temperature dependence, and consistent optical performance over the locked region.

Available with FC/PC or FC/APC connectors.

SureLock™ 785nm/830nm/1064nm Butterfly Raman Laser


  • Compact 14-pin butterfly footprint
  • Narrow spectral linewidth 0.15nm
  • Wavelength stability across operating range 0.01nm/°C
  • Fiber coupled output 100µm MM fiber


  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Metrology
  • Bio-instrumentation
  • Sensing
  • Analytical Instrumentation
SureLock™ Specifications
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Output Power Po 600 mW
Center Wavelength(vacuum) LP 784.5, 829.5, 975.5, 1063.5 785, 830, 976, 1064 785.5, 830.5, 976.5, 1064.5 nm
Linewidth Δλ 0.07 0.15 nm
Central Stabilized Temperature1 Tc 20 40 °C
Stabilized Temperature Range1 Tr 14 °C
SureLock™ Operating Specifications
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Threshold Current Ith 325 mA
Operating Current Iop 1100 1500 mA
Operating Voltage Vop 1.9 2.2 V
TEC Current 2 A
TEC Voltage 4 V
Fiber Type 105µm core/ 900µm tubing
Connector FC/PC or FC/APC
Numerical Aperture NA 0.22
Operating Temperature2 Top 0 25 50 °C
Storage Temperature2 Ts -20 80 µm