All SureLock™ Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes and Laser Modules incorporate the Ondax PowerLocker® VHG filter to provide single-frequency or narrowed linewidth spectral performance, stabilized temperature operating characteristics, and low power consumption – delivering affordable, portable, instrument quality performance for a diversity of applications. Available in a wide range of wavelengths, power levels, and form factors, Ondax can also custom-configure a wavelength-stabilized solution to meet your exact application requirements. Click on the images below for more information on each available model, or

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a matrix of power levels and form factors.

Wavelength Stabilized TO Can LasersCollimated TO Can Wavelenght Stabilized LasersButterfly Wavelength Stabilized Lasers
TO Series TO Cans
CP Series Colllimated TO Cans
BF Series Butterfly
Collimated Single Frequency Round Laser ModuleSingle Frequency Compact Laser ModuleFiber Coupled Wavelength Stabilized Compact Laser Module
RO Series Round Laser Modules
LM Series Compact Laser Modules
LMFC Series Fiber Coupled Compact Laser Modules
OEM Wavelength Stabilized Narrowband Butterfly Module ASE Free Singe Frequency Laser
Wavelength Stabilized Raman Benchtop Laser
Butterfly OEM Laser Module
CleanLineTM Series ASE-Free Laser Modules and Filter Systems
BT Series Benchtop Laser Modules

The  table below shows currently available power levels by Model type.

Wavelength Stabilized Lasers