Ondax CleanLine™ Series ASE Filter Systems are a family of tightly integrated, pre-aligned, multi-element ASE Filter Modules designed to provide the enhanced narrow band, low noise, ASE-free laser performance required for ultra-low-frequency (low wavenumber) Raman spectroscopy, and other demanding spectroscopy or metrology applications. Configured for fast, easy alignment and use with our SureBlock™ XLF Series Raman Filter Systems, the CleanLine™ family is based on our proprietary NoiseBlock™ solid-state, ultra-narrow band Volume Holographic Filter technology, delivering unlimited lifetime, exceptional throughput, and ultra-stable environmental performance.

The CleanLine™ FS is an ultra-compact (3” or 75mm) free-space configuration with integrated alignment irises and a built-in wavelength fine-tuning adjustment. The CleanLine™ LM comes with an integrated SureLock™ LM Series wavelength-stabilized laser module, optical isolator, and fiber-coupling option – ideal for turn-key integration into your Raman system.

Available for standard wavelengths of 785nm, 532nm, and 405nm. Custom wavelengths are available upon request.

  • Exceptional ASE Suppression
    better than -80db below laser line
  • Stable, ultra-narrowband performance
    0.1nm bandwidth, Δλ =10pm/°C
  • Ultra-low frequency
    Raman spectroscopy
  • High resulotion metrology

Specification Summary
Table 1: CleanLine™ Specifications
Specification 405nm 532nm1 785nm Unit
ASE Suppression (below laser line), typical -80 -80 -80 db
Throughput (free space version), typical 50 80 80 % of incoming power
Output Power 50 80 80 mW
Temperature Stability 10 10 10 pm/°C

1CleanLine FS only

Technical Data and Drawings