Laser Diode Wavelength Stabilization

PowerLocker® wavelength stabilization gratings are designed to reflect a specified wavelength at a given reflectivity, locking the emission wavelength, increasing spectral brightness, and improving environmental performance of laser diodes. The short external cavity enabled by the PowerLocker® provides better mode selection than systems based on Littrow or Littman cavities at a much lower cost. Available in wavelengths from 375nm to 2.5μm, efficiencies from 5% to >99%, and bandwidths from 0.03 to 1nm to match any application requirement.

Dioide with PowerLocker


PowerLocker® “locks” a laser’s wavelength into a narrowed spectrum, delivering stable operating performance over a wide temperature range.

Common applications for wavelength stabilized-diodes include:

  • Solid State and Fiber Laser Pumping
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical Metrology
  • Analytical and Bio-instrumentation
  • Holography
  • Sensing

Ondax offers a complete line of SureLock Wavelength-stabilized lasers that incorporate PowerLocker® VHG filter to provide single-frequency or narrowed linewidth spectral performance, stabilized temperature operating characteristics, and low power consumption – delivering affordable, portable, instrument-quality performance for a diversity of applications.